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Berry C Sanitizer Spray

Berry C Sanitizer Spray

Berry C, a single powerful tri-functional spray eliminates 99% of germs and leaves your car a cleaner, healthier and safer.


Berry C has a strong active period lifespan, and has also been tested and proven to effectively eliminate germs, viruses and bacteria that last for 14-28 days. It is non-skin irritable (suitable for sensitive skinned users), does not contain any toxic material and alcohol; thus, it is suitable for anyone.


Generally, typical disinfectant spray that’s being offered in the market works as “one time off” anti-bacterial spray. The solution eliminates bacteria immediately on applied surface and it evaporates after approximately 15 minutes, leaving the surface being expose to reattachment of bacteria again.


Berry C spray lays an invisible nano film sanitizing coating layer on the applied surface which can eliminate germs & microbes up to 28 days. Its active ingredient also works to inactivate CORONAVIRUS and this is stated by National Environment Agency of Singapore, thus providing us a cleaner, safer driving condition.

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