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Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

When automotive headlights turn yellow or become fogged, they are a danger to other cars, pedestrians as well as your family and yourself. They normally occur to older cars, and usually at the front headlamps, seldom the rear.

Headlight "blurring" can be due to:

  • oxidation - the polycarbonate lens frequent exposure to environment
  • dirt or chemical - the dirt, oil and chemicals from long drives forms on the surface of the lens, and over time, damages the lens
  • road damage - driving on damaged roads causes small stones, pebbles and tar damages the lens by causing pits and cuts.

Using a 5 stage polishing process with UV protection coating, finishing with ceramic coat, it removes the yellowish and blurred tint to the headlight, and restores it to showroom condition.

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